My Wife Talks to Other Men – The Ugly Truth to WHY She Does This and What You Must Do to Fix It!

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Are you unfortunate to be in a world where you’re saying my wife talks to other men, and don’t know what to do about it?

That’s a terrible thing to witness and watch happen. I know it rips your heart out, and you want to end it fast.

The truth is that YOU probably caused this, and that you can’t fix it by force, but only by changing some things about yourself.

A Careful Understanding of Why You’re Stuck Wondering Why My Wife Talks to Other Men

Here’s the deal with this problem of your wife talking to other men. We want to nip in the butt as soon as possible. But you unfortunately can’t go with your initial gut reaction of trying to stop it by force.

But first let’s understand a couple of things about why this is happening.

First off, if your wife talks to other men, then it’s likely that there’s something that she’s looking for that she’s not getting from you. Now that hurts to hear, but don’t worry because there’s a solution to the problem. It’ll take some work on your part but it’s only a few things that you’ll have to change.

Second, your wife MAY be, if she’s doing this out in the open, trying to elicit a response from you. If that’s the case, then you’re still in trouble potentially but there’s a little more hope. Either way, we can fix this problem.

What Your Wife is Missing and Why You’re Saying My Wife Talks to Other Men

So the most likely cause of this problem is that your wife doesn’t see you as the man that she wants and actually instinctively and literally down to the core of her DNA needs!

Therefore it’s more about what she’s NOT seeing in you, than about what she sees in these other men.

What she’s not seeing in you are Alpha Male qualities, that each and every woman needs to see in order to be attracted to. Whether you’re in a nightclub, at the grocery store, in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, or MARRIED…the fact is that a woman must see you as a leader…an ALPHA MALE…if there’s any hope in her feeling attracted to you.

A lot of men feel like it’s a natural thing for a wife to lose attraction to her husband after marriage, but the fact is that it’s up to you to keep the qualities that she’s attracted to.

She needs a leader, someone who displays that they’re in charge. There are a few traits that you must possess for her to see you as that sort of man that I don’t have room in this article to go over.

However, the overall picture is that if you’re saying my wife talks to other men, then she doesn’t see you as her alpha male, and if you become that she’ll have no more reason to look for it in other men at all.

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