Before You Text Your Ex Back Here’s How To Tell If There’s A Chance Of Hooking Back Up

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If you’ve ever had your boyfriend or girlfriend start to drift away, there’s a good chance you’ve reached into your pocket, pulled out your cell phone, and hoped for a way to text your ex back. You search for the perfect text…those magic words that will fix everything and make your connection stronger than it has ever been.

You struggle to find the right words. You type, then erase. Type. Then erase. And you wonder if it’s all even worth it.

As someone who spends a lot of time delving into relationship gossip, fact, and fiction, one question I get asked on a regular basis is, “Will this work for me? How do I know if my ex will even take me back?”

After all, no one wants to put a bunch of time and effort into something that’s never going to be. If your ex is truly over the relationship, then what’s the point of trying to text your ex back? Wouldn’t it be better to just move on?

I have to agree that chasing after something that’s never going to be is a good way to go insane. But there is a way to tell if you have a chance of getting back together.

What is it? It’s apathy.

Apathy is a state of indifference and a lack of emotion. When it comes to relationships, hate is not the opposite of love, apathy is.

If your ex is apathetic toward you, then it’s going to be extremely difficult to win them back. An apathetic ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend is even harder to win back than one who hates your guts.

Emotion of any kind (good or bad) means there is hope. When there is no emotion and complete indifference then it’s probably better to move on and not waste your time.

In Text Your Ex Back author Michael Fiore states, “Apathy will kill any chance you have of getting back together with your ex, but any positive or negative powerful emotion can be transformed and guided using simple techniques I’m going to teach you.”

Michael calls his techniques “text judo” because they take your ex’s current emotions and turn them to your advantage just like a martial artist who practices Judo learns how to use an opponent’s strengths against them. The right texts at the right time can help turn anger into love and hurt into acceptance and desire.

If you’re wondering whether or not your ex will take you back, take a look at their emotions toward you. Is there love? Hate? Anger? Hurt? Confusion?

If so, then there’s hope.

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