5 Fun Ways to Convince Your Kids That Santa is Real

September 12, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Christmas

This Christmas parents are looking for ways to help their kids to believe in Santa Clause. Right now, many kids are more skeptical of the tradition and will have to be told the story either at an earlier age or have a special encounter that would convince them that he exists. For you the parent, this can be tricky. First off, there is the fact that if you get caught your kids will know that you are Santa. There is also the problem of cost. It takes money to rent a Santa Suit or set up an elaborate scene that will convince your kids. Fortunately there are some simple things you can do to help your kids believe in Santa.

Have your kids help you do common Santa Claus traditions. This may seem too obvious but the act of preparing cookies and milk or hanging stockings in front of the fireplace is a great way to build up your kid’s anticipation for Christmas day and Santa’s visit. Doing simple holiday activities will be more effective in helping your kids come to believe that Santa is real.

Tell your kids the story of Santa. Your kids may not know the origin story for Santa. Having them know the story is a great way for them to know more about Santa and see him as a real person. There are several books that you can choose from. In my opinion the two best stories on Santa is the famous poem, It was the Night Before Christmas and Frank Baum’s The Life and Adventures of Santa Clause. These are not only great holiday stories but will help explain who he is and why he does certain things when he visits the homes of children every Christmas.

A good idea is to have a Santa Evidence Kit. You can make one yourself or if you want something that covers all the bases there are actual kits you can purchase online. You kit should have some items Santa would wear such as spectacles, his signature hat, or a glove. Some kits even include a reindeer license. Make sure to also leave tracks from the fire place and leave something behind for each child such a magic key or some other special item. With all the evidence your kids will start reluctantly believing Santa exists.

Make sure your kids write letters to Santa. Help them pick out gifts that can be reasonably purchased and compose their request to Santa. Have them pick three good things that they did this year and something that they would like to ask Santa. Writing the letter will be a great way to inspire the imaginations of your kids and also be a fun holiday activity.

You can then do something really special for your kids on Christmas Day by having them receive a call from Santa. Since you need to make sure that they cannot suspect you it would be a good idea to have a professional service do it. There are some great online stores that offer it and can do it for an affordable price. Your kids will be impressed by the fact that they actually spoke to Santa and you will have helped add a little Christmas magic.

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